9–11 June 2017
Capital of Northern Scandinavia
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Team Augumenta is the Grand Prix winner!

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Here are the challenges for Oulu 5GFWD Hackathon.

Digital Factory

Challenge prize: 5000 eur

Nokia Oulu factory manufactures high-end telecom network equipment. We have an ambitious vision to become the Digital factory of the future. We plan to do it through digitalization and by creating highly automated and autonomous factory operations. Join us to make that happen with 5G!

The Nokia challenge winner team is Augumenta. Augumenta's solution enhaced wireless factory with augmented reality smart glasses in Nokia Factory.

Mobile apps for 5G age

Challenge prize: 10000 eur

Prepare yourself! 5G is a journey from 4G to new services, which will be enabled by a super short millisecond delay and a hundred times more bandwidth. Telia wants to challenge you to think, develop and hack these 5G services, and to create future customer experiences. In other words, experiences which go beyond what we have seen and experienced in our phones today. These apps may relate to everyday life by making it easier or more fun.

The Telia challenge winner team is Classroom. Classroom's solution uses immersive learning in schools with virtual reality material.

Customer Journey

Challenge prize: 5000 eur

The customer experience in a hospital is affected by the familiarity of services, quality of people flow and easy-to-use services. 5G technology could make customer visits more pleasant in many ways. How to improve the customer visit with 5G applications in a simulated hospital environment at the University of Oulu?

The Oulu University hospital challenge winner is ThereCare. ThereCare's solution showed very high skill in developing a VR solution related to remote monitoring of a newborn baby.

5G. Everything but a new number on a phone's upper-left corner.

How long would it take to download a HD movie?





5G will give you a better life. But first, 5G needs you.

Supercharged 5G networks – 150 times faster than 4G today – will change mobile services, games, health care and products for good. We welcomed 70 hackers and experts from three continents to Oulu. These teams developed 5G solutions for Nokia, Telia and Oulu University Hospital in an intense 48-hour development competition.

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Revolution. It is Oulu's middle name.

Our ICT ecosystem is famous for its skills to help companies to develop revolutionary products and services – fast! That is why we held the world's first 5G hackathon in this revolutionary city.

Already some 2.3 billion people use solutions designed in Oulu on a daily basis. Here we have over 18 500 ICT professionals and over 850 companies at your service. And did we mention, Oulu University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are here to help you too, with their 5G test network and other fancy gadgets and gear?

Could there have been a better place to develop 5G solutions?

The parties that made the party happen.