Nokia has issued a challenge: A digital factory powered by 5G.

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Nokia Oulu factory manufactures high-end telecom network equipment. We have an ambitious vision to become the Digital factory of the future, where automation enhances production with excellent quality, cost and supply performance. Create solution that utilizes latest technology in industrial environment, by utilizing Nokia's high speed/low latency 5G connectivity solutions and latest available IoT gadgets.

Solution domains we appreciate

  • Robot2robot collaboration and machine learning
  • Work procedure guidance and quality control with Augmented Reality
  • Better Imaging & Imaging analysis for production efficiency
  • Usage of wearable devices in production to assist in assembly work
  • Usage of Augmented reality on warehouse and in-house logistics
  • Usage of Artificial Intelligence and algorithm in production control
  • Remote supervision solution


Every industry will be affected by 5G. Network speeds as high as 10Gbps and with extremely low latency are a driving force for new applications that use massive broadband capabilities. 5G will be the platform enabling growth in many industries including manufacturing. 5G will connect the factory of the future and help creating a fully automated and flexible production system. It will also be the enabler of a superefficient infrastructure that saves resources. Immersive augmented & virtual reality are changing business processes already today.

The Internet of Things (IoT) interconnects "things" and autonomously exchanges data between them. "Things" may be machines, parts of machines, smart meters, cameras, sensors or even everyday objects such as hand-held tools or wearables. This capability will bring tremendous possibilities in production environment. To support IoT, Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is needed. M2M is defined as data communication among devices without the need for human interaction. This may be data communication between devices and a server, or device-to-device either directly or over a network. Examples of M2M services include security, tracking and remote maintenance/monitoring.

We aim to have manufacturing that is automated based on no-touch principle. Remote supervision and transparent, real time production will the backbones of the operation. We also aim to utilize possibilities of digitalization 5G and internet of things to take Oulu Factory operations to a new level. The operations should be self-learning and highly autonomous with automated data handling. This means the process should be predictive and preventive to ensure smooth manufacturing processes. Any solution created should be modular and flexible, as it will not be built just for the Oulu factory purposes, but as something that Nokia can utilize over the industries. We desire to see disruptive innovations that will change fundamentally the way we work today. The innovation should improve production performance in terms of cost, quality or time. And we want to trial the best ideas in real use immediately.


  • Solution should be implementable as standalone solution
  • Data security. All needed resources should be inside Nokia own IT infrastructure. The use of public internet to be avoided.


  • Virtual / Real factory tour prior to event
  • Factory introduction materials (ppt or pdf)
  • 5G Proof-of-concept radio solution with possibility of connecting IP-traffic high-speed over air.
  • Nokia Ozo camera with related video processing / renderin HW
  • Circuitry mockup images
  • Production quality and material quantity data
  • Calibration reports
  • List of utilized measurement devices


  • Monetary reward 5000 eur
  • Immediate trial possibility in Nokia production environment
  • Possibility to present idea to Nokia innovation round table
  • Nokia-guaranteed help for arranging business premises during solution finalization

Judges and mentors

Judges: Erno Marjakangas, Aki Korvala, Seppo Yrjölä

Mentors: Aki Korvala, Olli Liinamaa, Jouni Herronen, Mikko Nissi, Lassi Leiden, Vesa Nurminen

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